VenusVenus har blir ofte tolket som en harmonisk innflytelse i våre liv. I denne artikkelen av Alan Oken får vi et dypere og mer esoterisk perspektiv på denne planeten. Han utdyper hvordan Venus fungerer i de ulike tegn og presiserer meningen som ligger i hennes ulike verdigheter.



Alan Oken

That wish is on its way comes as a cloud which veils the Sun. But hid behind this cloud of immanence is love, and on the Earth is love and in the heaven is love, and this—the love which maketh all things new—must stand revealed.

--Alice Bailey, Esoteric Psychology

Venus’ position in the natal horoscope represents "the urge to merge". She is the magnetic force which brings people together for the purpose of creating greater beauty and harmony in life. Venus not only acts in this unifying capacity between others, but she acts in the same way within the individual. It is the focus and force of our beautiful planetary "sister", that helps us strive to develop our own inner unity. It is the power of Venus within each one of us that urges us forward towards releasing what is course and chaotic and creating, both for ourselves and others, what is more refined and harmonious. In this respect, she is the patroness of the arts, the poetic muse, and the inspiring voice of our idealistic dreams for personal fulfillment. She is the dream in the artist’s brush, the grace in the dancer’s step, the sigh in the lover’s mouth.

In the daily life of the personality, Venus is prime factor in establishing and maintaining proper codes of social behavior. Her urge is to create a world in which the Law of Right Human Relationships predominates all human interactions. This factor brings her into close contact with Saturn who is exalted in Libra. As the ruler of this sign, Venus works alongside her lesser sisters, the asteroids Juno, Vesta, and Ceres, as the Guardian of Marriage, safeguarding hearth and home through the administration of society’s laws. It is through the Scales of Balance that she teaches the principle of not only the equality between the sexes, but also the greater, all encompassing equality that must exist between all people, everywhere and at all times. It is through Libra that she personifies the Law of Karma, the Divine Equilibrium that is at the foundation of the expression of the Universe.

Through her other sign, Venus rules desire: the desire for form, material goods, property, land, and the sensual sensations which result from the acquiring of these objects. This is the Golden Calf of Taurus. When Venus is operating through the lower levels of our own undeveloped desire body, the astral plane, we can find that we want everything, and we want it indiscriminately. There are no limits to our wants and needs and therefore no limits to the resulting sense of dissatisfaction with life. As the personality links in deeper union with the Soul (this action is yet another effect of Venus), and one becomes "Soul-centered", personal desires for material comforts and possessions become extensions of the Soul´s need and requirements. In effect, the forms that we then attract into our lives, formulate themselves around the impulses of our Soul for greater love and unity. It is then that the we pierce the "Bull’s Eye" with the arrow of our consciousness. The true nature of Venus as the "Goddess of Form" is then able to emerge from within us, and we are free from the illusions of this aspect of our desire nature.

In esoteric astrology, Venus is called the "Child of Mind". But what of love and romance? Is not Venus is the "princess of the night", the siren of a man’s longings, and the perfection of a woman´s charms? Yes, this is all true but Venus is much more. The predominant concept which we know as love, especially that facet of love which is romanticized, lifted up and idolized in song and poetry and sought for "until the ends of the earth and time", can hardly be called either mental or logical! Yet the Ancient Wisdom tells us that the essential quality of consciousness IS love. This prime emanation of the Divine Source of life and Its incarnation through humankind, is a pure expression of the Universal Mind. On the Soul level, Venus is the vehicle for the emergence of this Love Principle as a consistent beam of Light, the focused Will in the Mind of God.

As planetary Lord of the Fifth Ray (science and technology), Venus functions to transform knowledge into wisdom. This is only accomplished with the addition of LOVE. Venus serves to bring about a harmonious link between the lower and higher mental faculties through the rhythm embodied in the sign of its esoteric rulership, Gemini. Mercury, the esoteric ruler of the Twins may work to raise consciousness by relating pairs of opposites but he does not harmonize nor blend them. This divine alchemy of merging is left on a higher level to the work of Venus. Venus is therefore closely connected to the Ajna Center (the Third Eye, the Eye of Horus, the Bull´s Eye, the Horn of the Unicorn, etc.). She is thus the focus of synthesis and the resolution of polarity.

When Venus is working through the consciousness of a Soul-centered individual, the usual concept and function of love, "the urge to merge", takes on a very different purpose. Love is then seen as the ability to coordinate one´s Active Intelligence so that we as individuals may produce conscious acts of goodwill and further Right Human Relations. The nature of this activity often requires the sacrifice of some aspect of the lower, personality-centered love nature so that the more transpersonal qualities of love may bring about an increasingly impersonal orientation to life. This evolves into a sense of "loving detachment", a quality of extreme importance to a lover of the Path.

Life then becomes more intuitively polarized and less emotionally centered. One finds oneself more perceptive into the causes of things rather than identifying with their effects. Love on this level is an extension of synthesis—the Way of the Soul. Nothing is lost. Venus may still bring that special partner into our life, but such a one will be a true Soul mate—a co-working brother or sister who will act as a companion along that Way.

Venus in Aries (detriment): The fiery nature of the Ram and its ruler, Mars is so strong when Venus is in this sign, that she may loose her balance. This can result is a lessening of some of her sense of social grace and poise. Yet the intensity of Will contained in this sign is such that its very immanence creates a great heightening in Venus’ "urge to merge". The creation of a harmonious relationship becomes less important than the immediate sense of fusion; joining become more important than what is joined. The beauty and power contained in this combination however should not be underestimated. A Soul-centered individual with Venus in Aries will have the tendency to lose sight of the differences between people in order to bring about a more direct bonding of human energies. The Soul purpose for this position is to use the intensity of one´s loving will within the scope of human relationships in order to effectuate some greater, collective good.

Venus in Taurus (traditional ruler): In the personality-centered chart, Venus in this position, encourages and often blesses the accumulation of material substance. It gives a heightened desire for form and often the magnetism required to acquire it. The esoteric perspective is quite different. In the Soul-centered chart, the individual uses matter as a as a container of the Soul´s power, which is the will-to-good and the expression of consciousness. In this respect, Venus in Taurus is not fooled by form, she uses her Eye to perceive the idea or quality of the life force that is contained within a given form. Venus in Taurus on this level is quite perceptive of the nature of the energy represented by a specific person or object. Soul purpose has a great deal to do with achieving mastery over material attraction and using the wisdom thus achieved for the love of humanity.

Venus in Gemini (Soul-centered ruler): On the personality level, this is usually considered a weak position for Venus. It is here where she is at her most superficial and fickle, not seeming to be able to make up her mind as she flits form one relationship to another, often entertaining two, quite contrary relationships at the same time. Venus on the Soul-centered level however is functioning from an entirely different perspective. It is here where she is uniting the various of dualities and opposing forces found in the majority of human relationship dynamics and bringing them into a much more harmonious whole. The energy of the Second Ray (Gemini) is the field through which Venus synthesizes the intent of the Higher Self and works out human relations into their every higher potentials. It is then that Venus in Gemini serves her Soul purpose.

Venus in Cancer : On both the personality and Soul levels, this can be one of the more beautiful placements for Venus. When activated on higher levels, this position brings out the caring and protective essence of love. Venus in Cancer looks deeply into the spiritual reasons for the relationships, giving just enough energy to make them properly function according to Higher Law. Nothing is wasted, all resources are geared towards the support and continuance of human connections so that the Work of the Soul may go forward. Neptune, as the esoteric ruler of Cancer has an opportunity here to contribute, thus enabling the more universal qualities of love to manifest. Soul purpose is seen as bringing about those lessons of detachment to those facets of human emotion which bind rather than free and suffocate rather than nourish.

Venus in Leo : Although this may be a very creative position, on the personality level there is a tendency for Venus in Leo to be very prejudicial. The Lion frequently loves only his favorites, usually those relationships which in some way complement his very personal needs and desires. Yet on the level of the Soul, all people are the love objects of the Heart. Venus in Leo is then able to increase the opportunity for the Creative Spirit to do Its Work. The Fifth Ray activity of both Leo and Venus may then serve their Soul purpose and bring forth the keynote of that Ray in terms of human interchange—the Law of Right Human Relationships. This ability strengthens the mind so that the creative potential in every human being may be encouraged in all relationships.

Venus in Virgo (fall): From the perspective of the lower self, Venus falls in Virgo due to the critical nature which so often is a characteristic of this combination. How can the wholeness of love be revealed when other people are constantly being pulled apart in our judgment of them? Esoterically however, the Virgin reveals the hidden principle of Love. It is here that the Mother births her Child, the very embodiment of Love. It is through Venus in Virgo that the consciousness of the Soul descends into human form and expresses Itself through selfless service to others. This "fall" (into matter) is then interpreted for what it really is, sacrifice. The Soul purpose of this position is to perform those healing tasks which bring about greater wholeness, unity, and well being both in one’s own and in other people’s lives.

Venus in Libra (traditional ruler): The primary Soul purpose for this position is to stimulate the conscious to a point of balance through which the material, desire nature is equal to the awareness of the greater, impersonal love of the Higher Self. The individual may then be a vehicle through which this equality of perspective may be accomplished in other people’s lives. This is accomplished through group relationships that have the well being of the collective as their purpose. In this respect, we may see the effects of Uranus, esoteric ruler of Libra and exoteric ruler of Aquarius (groups and organizations) at work. The individual is learning that the idealized yearnings for that perfect partner, often misinterpreted as the "Soul-Mate" on the level of personal emotions, is to be found in the shared spiritual companionship of one´s companions on the Path.

Venus in Scorpio (detriment): Any planet found in this sign is accompanied with life lessons of a very profound nature, yet the rewards are equally as great. It is through the door of Scorpio that the great transformational battle takes place between the desires of the lower self and the consequent liberation of love as the expression of the Soul. The Soul purpose has a great deal to do with the preparation of the individual for a much possibilities for love in his or her life. In this incarnation, the person with Venus in Scorpio has to be able to transmute any qualities of selfishness, jealousy, possessiveness, or any other facets of the lower emotions that may inhibit that greater love from manifesting. Sexuality especially has to be expressed as an extension of the Love that unites us to our higher goals. Once these lessons are mastered, this position yields an enormous, magnetic strength known as the "Will-to-Good".

Venus in Sagittarius : We have shown in previous articles in this series that the Earth is the esoteric ruler of the Centaur. As such, there is a blending of Terra and Venus in this combination, and a very special blending it is! This union symbolizes the overlighting of the lower self (Earth) by the Higher (Venus). From the personality level, this position often results in people who are far more ideal than real or practical about their relationships. The Soul-centered individual with Venus in Sagittarius is very aware of the need to actualize his or her higher concepts of Right Human Relationships and bring them right down to the Earth. This is often accomplished through education and publishing. If the Fifth Ray influence of Sagittarius is especially strong, such an individual may also be attracted to the world of science as the vehicle for fulfilling this Soul purpose of Venus.

Venus in Capricorn : The Soul-centered individual with this placement is always at work creating structures and interconnections between people for the greater good of all. As Capricorn is an earthy sign, the nature of this work usually involves the right use of material resources. Any planet in the sign of the Goat is said to "culminate". This means that the ability for it to express its hidden potential and greatest strength is available in the present incarnation. When Venus in Capricorn is functioning on the personality level, people usually want to know others in high places or wish to be there themselves in order to take advantage of the many social perks that are usually present. On the Soul level, these "high places" are initiatic peaks of consciousness, permitting the individual to serve with all the Loving Will that this position bestows. It is here that Soul purpose is found.

Venus in Aquarius : Jupiter is the esoteric ruler of the Water Bearer. As such when Venus is in this sign on the esoteric level., there is a fusion of the two planetary "benefics", resulting in the possibility for beautiful accomplishments in human dynamics. The Fifth Ray mental energies of Venus combine with Jupiter´s contact to the Second Ray of Love/Wisdom. Thus the mind is inspired to work towards the creation of those technical advances which may benefit humanity. On the personality level, Venus in Aquarius may easily scatter her energies in too many corners. On the level of the Higher Self, the magnetic quality of the Soul draws from all human sources bringing a very strong synthetic quality to this position. In this respect, a person with Venus in Aquarius may bring together people from all different backgrounds and cultures in order to accomplish projects for the collective good. It is here that the Soul purpose for Venus in Aquarius may work out.

Venus in Pisces (exaltation): It is in this position that the expression, "Love conquers all." is expressed to its fullest. On the Soul-centered level, the powerful energy of the First Ray of Will/Power manifests very strongly through the esoteric ruler of Pisces, Pluto. Pluto destroys the cord which separates the two Fish so that the lower self may finally fuse with the Higher. Is not this the ultimate purpose of the Love of the Soul? In Pisces, this purpose is completed and the individual is left free of the dualities which torture the personality. Those individuals born with Venus in Pisces come to learn how to blend the science and techniques of the Law of Right Human Relationships (Fifth Ray quality of Venus) with the urge to love all people universally (Second and Sixth Ray influence of Pisces) so that they may emerge as "Teachers of Love".



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