FiskeneDet er to fisk. Den ene svømmer ned i materiens hav og den andre svømmer opp og ut. Involusjon og evolusjon. Ned i inkarnasjon eller opp mot idealene. Alan Oken utdyper hvordan planetene fungerer i fiskenes tegn.


The Soul is the Middle Way as it stands between and mediates the primary polarity of life: Spirit and matter. The Soul therefore acts as an intermediary between the Essence of Life and its various forms of manifestation. Thus Soul provides the necessary channels through which consciousness may exteriorize and we may come to know ourselves. The grace of this knowing is that in the process, each of us comes to identify ourselves eventually as Divinity in manifestation. We learn this through the frequently painful process of transformation. We thus grow and develop until we finally realize that the quality of our consciousness, of our Soul, is Love. A.O.



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