TvillingeneTvillingenes esoteriske motto kan oppsummeres i en setning. Jeg erkjenner mitt annet selv, når dette lys toner bort vokser og stråler jeg. Når sjelen styrker sin tilstedeværelse gjennom vår personlighet øker inspirasjonen.


The word unanimity comes from two Latin roots: “uni,” meaning one, and “anima,” meaning soul. Thus unanimity means “being of one soul.” This is quite different from uniform, which is defined as “being of one form” (Latin root: “forma”). Thus the true urge for unanimity speaks directly to us of that place within us that is of the soul, a place that unites us in the consciousness of the one human family of which we are all a part. Unanimity is therefore an expression of love. Uniformity speaks of union and agreement in the material world of form and is thus an expression of the lower self, the personality: one form separating us from dissimilar forms. Unanimity releases while uniformity binds. —A.O


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